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Professional Hypnosis Training & Certification

For Therapists, Coaches, Health & Wellness Practitioners, and Aspiring Hypnotists

Wouldn’t you LOVE to help your clients get better results from the services you provide?

What if you could DISCOVER how to engineer emotional and behavioral breakthroughs (in yourself and others) on a regular basis?

Imagine how much more ENJOYABLE and SUCCESSFUL your professional life could become.

Miami Hypnosis Center is offering an innovative approach to a comprehensive training. Instructors April Norris and Todd Goodwin are Board Certified Hypnotists with more than 25 years of combined experience using hypnosis and NLP.

The full certification course includes 50% more classroom training time than typical hypnotherapy certification programs, leading to qualification as a Certified Hypnotherapist by the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT).

The full training consists of 3 course modules of 3 days each. Experience 1, 2, or all 3 modules. You choose.

This training is NOT for you if your objective is to do a quick training just to get your certification and check it off your list. We are committed to training students who want to learn and use these valuable insights and skills. Successful application requires practice time in and out of the classroom. Our goal is for you to be able to use everything we teach you, with paying clients, immediately after you receive your certification.

Watch this video to learn how this certification course is unique and determine if it’s right for you.

Here’s the Summary:

Upon completion of all 3 course modules, you will receive CEUs and be eligible for certification with the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT). Note that certification requires 220 hours, including classroom time. You will have plenty of opportunities to accumulate practice hours between modules. Our course will cover the basic material required for certification, plus:

  1. We will teach you basic methods of hypnotic regression to give you more flexibility as a practitioner.
  2. You will learn the most applicable and powerful NLP (neurolinguistic programming) concepts and techniques that you can use to turbo-charge your results with clients. Rather than trying to learn 30 techniques that you won’t remember, you will master a handful of extremely practical tools.
  3. You will get plenty of supervised practice time to integrate your new skills and techniques. Here’s a dirty little secret of other hypnosis trainings…The primary reason that most newly certified hypnotists fail to launch their career is the lack of confidence resulting from insufficient supervised practice time (a key disadvantage of shorter trainings).
  4. We will also include several conference calls for Q&A and troubleshooting along the way.
  5. You’ll receive several powerful hypnosis audio programs that you can give to your clients.
  6. Finally, you can feel secure with our money back guarantee.

Interested in Becoming Certified?

Here are two important reasons why this hypnotherapy training course may be the best option for you.

  1. MBG-copy“Dip your toes into the water” approach…Instead of asking you to dive headfirst into a 9-day training commitment with an investment that you may not be ready for, we’re offering this first module as a very affordable standalone option. It’s up to you to choose whether to end after this first module or build on your new knowledge and skills with additional training modules that can lead to certification (the training hours from this first module will count towards that end goal). And we offer a money back guarantee.
  2. If you decide to take the remaining certification modules, we will make sure that you get sufficient support and time to practice the skills we teach you during and between the modules. Most training courses fail to adequately prepare students to apply the material in real world situations, so few graduates of hypnosis certification programs ever do anything with it. Sadly, this just leads to wasted time, money, and unfulfilled expectations. We want you to use what you learn.


Registration is limited to one training module at a time. If you are committed to earning your certification and share the above philosophy, please contact us, and we will ensure that you will receive the lowest tuition rate for this training.

“It was an incredibly insightful course – the instructors created a comfortable space in which we could ask questions, practice the techniques, and apply the theory behind inductions and hypnosis.”

Module 1 – Subconscious Skills for Healers

This standalone 3-day course is suitable for all professionals whose work involves influencing human behavior – including medical and dental professionals, chiropractors, nutritionists, psychotherapists, life or health coaches – as well as those who plan to become a practicing hypnotist. Enhance your existing wellness/therapy/coaching practice or just learn something exciting and relevant. If none of these categories apply, you will still benefit from this course if you are interested in self awareness and personal development.

Watch this video to understand how “unlearning” our problems is the key to transformation.

In addition to learning how the mind creates a variety of problems and how hypnosis and NLP can facilitate solving them, you will also experience some hypnotic techniques and even learn a couple of them.

Topics will include:

  • • Introduction to the Subconscious Mind
  • • Basics of Hypnosis
  • • History of Hypnosis
  • • Types of Suggestions
  • • Self-Hypnosis Experiential Training
  • • The Power of Language
  • • Cultural Hypnosis & Societal Programming
  • • Basics of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)
  • • Experience & Learn Hypnosis & NLP Techniques
  • • Hypnosis, Healing, and Psychogenic Conditions
  • • Applications with Client Case Studies


Dates: MARCH 10-12, 2017
Time: 9am-6pm
Location: Miami Beach

Tuition: $877

Money-back guarantee: We want you to feel secure, even though no one has ever requested a refund. If you complete a training module and aren’t thoroughly convinced that it was a worthwhile investment, simply speak to Todd Goodwin at the end of the final day, and we will refund your tuition. It’s that simple.

“When I signed up for the certification course, I had no idea what to expect. I knew close to nothing about hypnosis. Once I completed the course, I felt so much more knowledgeable and assured! Each day I was even more eager than the day before to learn more.”

Module 2 – Power Techniques for Rapid Transformation

This 3-day module will teach you how to hypnotize clients (and yourself) and facilitate rapid, profound, and lasting shifts in emotional state, perception, motivation, and much more. If you plan to work directly with clients (as opposed to being limited to a conceptual understanding), then this course will give you the powerful tools to help them more quickly and easily than others in your profession are capable of. You will learn the most effective NLP techniques for a variety of common challenges. Click here to learn more. Typical NLP training courses teach a few dozen techniques, most of which you will rarely use or won’t remember. We prefer that you master a handful of practical techniques that you will use constantly. This module will provide plenty of hands-on practice so you walk away having integrated your new knowledge. Note: Module 1 is a prerequisite unless you are a certified hypnotist.

Topics will include:

  • • Suggestibility Testing
  • • Hypnotic Induction Methods
  • • Deepening Techniques
  • • Post-Hypnotic Suggestions
  • • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)
  • • Practice Hypnosis & NLP Techniques

Dates: JUNE 2-4, 2017

Time: 9am-6pm
Location: Miami Beach

Tuition: $1177

“As part of the learning process, not only are there lectures- there are hands-on techniques we all practiced on each other, which was a lot of fun and a great way to get feedback. I couldn’t believe how fast some NLP techniques worked. Getting certified has opened many doors for me.”

Module 3 – Integration of Additional Skills for Greater Success

The final 3-day module (completion is required to qualify for IACT certification) will give you the additional knowledge you need to practice successfully as a hypnosis professional. We will introduce you to using hypnotic regression as a complementary method for working with clients and how to integrate regression (and NLP) into hypnosis sessions. You will also learn how to conduct a consultation with a prospective client and how to determine the appropriate action plan for any number of presenting client issues. In addition, we will cover the basics of building a successful practice. Finally, we will provide several hypnosis audio programs that you can give to your clients. Note: Module 2 is a prerequisite.

Topics will include:

  • • Hypnotic Regression
  • • Integrating NLP and Regression into Hypnosis Sessions
  • • Practice Hypnosis & NLP Techniques
  • • Client Assessment & Consultation
  • • Scenario Planning for Various Client Cases
  • • Laws & Regulations
  • • Introduction to Practice Building


Dates: TBD in 2017

“I appreciated their thorough knowledge on the subject, as well as their willingness to explain how to build a client base. It was beyond what I expected. I am now working as a hypnotist consultant with a growing clientele.”



Money-back guarantee: We want you to feel secure, even though no one has ever requested a refund. If you complete a training module and aren’t thoroughly convinced that it was a worthwhile investment, simply speak to Todd Goodwin at the end of the final day, and we will refund your tuition. It’s that simple.

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