Hypnotic Regression

Regression through hypnosis has been changing people’s lives for decades, and it can help you! So just what is regression?

Hypnotic regression has been defined as “Going back in time during trance to remember past events, and replaying them in the imagination, often with accompanying emotions.”

It’s a powerful hypnotic approach that can help resolve a host of issues ranging from fears, bad habits, anxiety, and self-esteem issues to trauma and even chronic pain. What makes it so powerful? Through this method, we are able to get to the origin of the problem, instead of just dealing with the symptoms. The origin is an emotional event or events that created created a sensitivity (including perceptions or beliefs) to feelings, such as claustrophobia being traced back to being trapped in a bathroom as a child.

By returning to the memory of this initial sensitizing event and re-framing the perception or changing the emotional state, a client can neutralize the negative impact caused by the event. As a result, he or she can more easily unlearn or relearn the emotional, behavioral, or physiological reactions or habits that evolved from such experiences.

While most people think of past-life regression, a regression to real or imagined past lives (made famous by Dr. Brian Weiss), most hypnotic regression is actually age regression, which involves events ranging from intrauterine and childhood through adulthood.

“My therapist, April Norris, was able to readjust me away from some destructive habits through regressive therapy that helped me acknowledge some bad times in my life, and to focus on embracing happiness and freedom. I have had numerous moments of bliss since our sessions have ended that have given me a new focus on life. Thank you, April, for being such a giving person and helping me in my journey. The best is yet to come!– Laurel MarcCharles

Do you want to resolve an issue that you believe stems from an earlier experience in life (or before)?

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