NLP Training

Do you want to improve the way you think, learn, and communicate?

Miami Hypnosis Center is hosting a 3-day intensive training for basic certification in NLP — May 8-10th

This interactive workshop will be led by William Horton, Psy.D., one of the leaders in the field of neurolinguistic psychology with 30 years of experience. If you register by 4/30, you will save 30% and also receive a video of the training for later review. We have limited space, so if you are even slightly interested, please e-mail ASAP.

Why Should You Consider this NLP Training?

1. Improve the way you think, learn, and communicate.
2. Discover how to establish better rapport with others.
3. Recognize and resolve patterns that create problems at home and work.
4. Ethically influence others to create win-win outcomes.
5. Access empowered and motivated states of mind more easily.
6. Change your response to memories and future imagined situations.

Who Should Attend…

1. Consultants, trainers, managers, and teachers.
2. Real estate agents and sales professionals.
3. Doctors, therapists, and other healthcare practitioners.
4. Anyone interested in personal development or improving communication in relationships.

Sheena Eizmendiz and I did it years ago, and the skills we learned are essential parts of our daily work with clients. – Todd Goodwin

    I can honestly say that Todd is not exaggerating in the slightest bit in his description of NLP. I have experienced the use of NLP during my sessions and have been amazed at not only how effective it was, but how quickly it worked for me. I would highly recommend it and feel that it is something that whether you are doing for professional or personal reasons will be beneficial.

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