Free Initial Consultation


We would like to say that everyone who comes to see us will succeed completely. And while the majority of our clients are very happy with their outcome, not everybody is a great fit with our approach. To maximize our clients’ results and satisfaction, we work only with those we believe we can help. That’s why we conduct an initial consultation before we can accept you as a client.

During this one-on-one meeting, we will evaluate your specific situation, explain our approach, answer your questions, and determine the best course of action to help you. The experience is fun, relaxing, very informative, and takes an hour. If we believe we can help you, we will discuss how. If not, we will tell you so.

To learn more about what we do and the philosophy behind our practice, click here.

Note: We do not have a pre-determined fee per session, and we do not discuss pricing or any other details related to your specific situation over the phone or by e-mail. The work we do and associated fees are customized to the individual and discussed at the free consultation.* We do know, however, that health/medical insurance does not cover our services. It is also impossible to predict human behavior, so we cannot guarantee or promise a certain outcome or result.

*Consultations with April and Gina are free of charge, and consultations with Todd are $300.

To apply to become a new client, follow our online application procedure.