Sexual Abuse

Hypnosis as a professional practice has been used for most of the same issues someone might seek trauma-based healing or counseling therapy, and it has proven particularly effective in facilitating the healing process of victims of sexual abuse.

People who have experienced sexual abuse often carry strong feelings of shame, rage, fear, pain, as well as guilt. Because it is very common for victims to blame themselves for the abuse, these victims often abuse themselves with anger and shame.

The sexual abuse may have occurred a few years ago or as far back as early childhood. The person may have survived and become successful adults but some feelings seem to linger. Often, individuals find themselves feeling incredible rage with authority figures, they may feel the need to be always in control, they might feel ongoing anxiety, and/or they may find themselves unable to enjoy having sex with their loved ones. Sometimes the one who experienced the abuse feels he/she has lost the person they were before the abuse took place.

Hypnotherapy for Sexual Abuse

Hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind, that part of the mind where messages have become triggers and we just react to them automatically. Messages received in a state of intense fear often penetrate very deeply and settle in the subconscious mind. Victims are often in a dazed, fear-induced trance state when the messages are being delivered, and they defenselessly receive them.

Hypnotherapy benefits sexual abuse survivors in two major ways:

It allows their body and mind to relearn how to relax. Over the years, the body has learned to be in such a state of alertness and acute watchfulness/tension for the next assault it can be very difficult to relax and let down one’s guard. Hypnosis recondition the nervous system and restore a balanced state of composure and calmness.

It retrains the subconscious mind to neutralize those triggers that made the person react with fear and tension. For example, even years later, victims find it difficult to assert themselves with their boss or an aggressive person. Once their subconscious mind detects the authority in that person’s voice, they feel threatened, triggering the same reaction of fear and an inner drive to run and hide away (or potentially fight back). Hypnotherapy helps the person react with healthier responses to tension (physical, emotional/mental, or even sexual tension), as well as reprogram their mind to be more focused on their future goals and aims.

Hypnotherapy allows the tired, challenged mind of survivors of sexual abuse to drift into a state of relaxation. The hypnotist’s guidance can desensitize the client’s triggers and make the traumatic experience feel non-threatening, so that the emotional or behavioral symptoms of surviving abuse (including PTSD) are eliminated. As a result, the client recovers lost resources of control, develops a capacity for self-nurturing and motivation, and restores or instills a stronger sense of self-esteem or self-confidence.

Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to make peace with past sexual abuse, so that the past no longer interferes with the future. We can help.

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