Post-Traumatic Stress (also known as PTSD)

If you’ve experienced something traumatic, your beliefs may be preventing you from getting over it.

Watch this video to learn how we unconsciously create trauma in our minds and how to let it go:

Hypnotism has emerged as a credible, evidence-based PTSD treatment option for sufferers of post-traumatic stress disorder, because it addresses both the symptoms and the underlying causes. PTSD symptoms arise from a traumatic event that occurred in one’s life and usually consist of:

• Intrusive flashbacks (reliving a violent scene in your mind)
• Nightmares or recurrent bad dreams
Anxiety disorders resulting in chronic physical pain, body tension, teeth grinding
• Overreacting to situations with seemingly little control
• Sudden outbursts of rage or temper tantrums
• Unexplained fears or phobias, such as a fear of butterflies
Sleep disorders
• Inability to relax the mind and the body
• Persistent stress, tension, fears
• Inability to concentrate, loss of memory

Another commonality is that certain people or situations may suddenly remind the person of the traumatic event, thus surfacing the stress, fear, and anxiety pertaining to the past situation. This is called a trigger.


Think of a military veteran who walks down the street and hears a car backfire. He reacts as if he were back in a high-stress combat situation, re-experiencing the past as if it were happening again. The trigger from the car may cause this veteran to sweat, feel his heart pounding, his breathing may increase rapidly, and he may even find himself running for cover. The individual may begin to have flashbacks where intrusive memories flood his mind and he may, for some period of time, feel like he is actually back on the battlefield.

Hypnotism largely deals with unlocking the subconscious mind and changing the underlying beliefs that cause undesirable symptoms. The main tools of the conscious mind are rational thinking, analyzing, and judging. In contrast, the keys of the subconscious mind are all located within our senses and imagination. One way to locate what is stored in our subconscious in order to help an individual suffering from PTSD symptoms to understand what the PTSD symptoms and triggers actually are.


Trigger events can be very disconcerting for any victim of PTSD who either does not know they have PTSD, or are unfamiliar with their own particular triggers. PTSD often goes undiagnosed by the medical profession and even in the psychological community. Common examples of undiagnosed people with PTSD can be adults who, as children, grew up with parents who were alcoholic, where there was violence, yelling, fighting, and bullying in the household. A person who was physically, emotionally, or sexually abused during the formative years most likely has grown up with PTSD symptoms without it ever having been recognized or treated as well. Other people who have experienced PTSD may include an adult who was assaulted, witnessed a car accident or crime, or experienced an injury severe enough to frighten them significantly.

A professional hypnotist can use hypnosis and related approaches, such as NLP (neurolinguistic programming) as very effective tools to truly recognize and resolve PTSD symptoms and the underlying causes.

The people who have the most severe PTSD symptoms and who will likely benefit greatly from PTSD treatment using hypnosis are people who have previous traumatic or stressful experiences during childhood. Unfortunately, this accounts for a significant portion of society, and many experts believe that most people who struggle with addictions or anxiety have traumatic childhood experiences or memories to blame. In fact, a higher percentage of foster care children have PTSD than do military veterans.

Effectively overcoming addictions or substance abuse often involves resolving trauma. Using hypnosis as a PTSD treatment modality is an excellent option, since it addresses the emotions and the resulting behaviors or habits.

Still, many people who will benefit from PTSD treatment experienced a traumatic experience as an adult. For instance, we have worked with clients who had experienced sexual abuse, were held up at gunpoint, physically abused by a spouse, and even a firefighter who rescued someone who then died in his arms from burns and smoke inhalation. Those clients had subsequently suffered from some combination of panic attacks, addictions, or relationship problems due to an inability to handle the traumatic experience. Then they gained peace of mind using hypnosis to resolve the underlying thought patterns that caused the trauma to begin with.

In fact, one of our own hypnotists, Gina Goodwin (formerly Casola), experienced post-traumatic stress from watching her mom die of cancer. After she used hypnosis and NLP (as a Miami Hypnosis Center client) to eliminate the grief and PTSD symptoms, she was inspired to become a professional hypnotist. Here’s how she explains it:

“I cried almost on a daily basis once she was gone…and realized it had kept up for over 2 years. I was constantly fighting back tears, constantly fighting horrible images and getting flashbacks every single day and night. My nights were restless, and the stress in my life was on overload. I had no energy to do anything because this was draining me. It was starting to affect my job, and my health. I realized I needed help. Being a holistic person, I was not sure where to turn. I met Todd, and felt so comfortable telling him everything going on. My life has completely turned around!! After a few sessions with him, I felt like the world around me was transforming before my eyes, when in reality it was ME who was transforming. Before, I had to fight to keep haunting images OUT of my head, and fighting tears every day for two years… and now, I have to fight to try to even PICTURE those haunting images, let alone cry. WOW!!! I can finally breathe again!! My stress levels have gone down, my eating habits are changing, and I am able to sleep without sleep aids.”

Gina has since helped many clients to resolve emotional trauma, including a woman named “Ray” who recently left this 5-star review on Google:

“As I had great emotional pain and PTSD from my physically and emotionally abusive ex-husband, it was destroying my life and my new beautiful relationship. I was seeing a psychologist, however after a year of sessions, I knew I needed something more. The first consultation with Gina Casola immediately gave me hope that I did not have to keep living with this any longer and can finally beat the monster and take my power back. It only took me 7 sessions to completely transform myself. My episodes of anxiety attacks that occurred with the abuse of alcohol were ruining my life, however Gina was able to help me overcome my emotional trauma with plenty of very unique tools. I now feel like I have “grown up”, I am confident, happy, I feel in control, and my relationship has transformed. I truly believe that there are so many people out there with several different issues and trauma in need of true healing, who after years of therapy and ton of money spent still feel helpless. Hypnosis therapy however is a way to really re-program yourself and unlearn unwanted emotions and behaviors completely! I cannot thank Gina enough for all the help and understanding on top of simply being an amazing and fun person 🙂 I am excited now for my future!”

If you or someone you know has unresolved trauma and wants to regain peace of mind, stop living in fear. We can help. We don’t treat disorders. We DO help our clients resolve their problems and regain a sense of order in their life.

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