Goal Achievement & Self-Sabotage

Why haven’t you achieved all of your goals related to health, relationships, career, money, and self-expression?

Could one of 4 hidden obstacles be stopping you? Watch this video to find out:

Several things are necessary for a goal to be successfully realized – self-confidence, motivation, perseverance, and a single-mindedness that the intended outcome is what you really do want at a subconscious level. If any piece is missing, then it’s likely that you’ll procrastinate or even “sabotage” yourself completely. For some people, addressing the fascinating phenomenon of secondary gain is the key to become more successful. If you watched the above video, you now understand why many of us struggle to accomplish goals that other people achieve easily, and how you can let go of the struggle.

The following clients experienced one or more of the aforementioned stumbling blocks and dissolved them with our help:

I want to share with you my transformation thru Hypnosis. Before my sessions with Gina Casola, I lacked confidence in some areas in my life, I had fear of public speaking and I also had fear of failure; after 8 sessions my life transformed, thanks to Gina’s expertise and dedication to each session I now have opportunities to speak on stages, small groups and share my message with confidence. I am an Inspiring leader and I love it! Thanks Hypnosis Center for Difference you are making in the World.” – Ana Maria Sanin

“My issue was motivational, lack of confidence to do my job and produce more business… After 5 sessions, I can’t begin to describe how they changed my life and the way I see things now. I not only recommend going if you are serious about making a change in your life…but you also owe it to yourself to explore this as a choice to improve yourself! Amazing results, and forever!!! A+++++++”Jonathan Garcia

I just completed a six session of hypnotherapy with Gina Casola and my life has been transformed. I had many limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, lack of self confidence and fear of success. Each session began shifting all the negatives into positives. As I transformed, my environment transformed. I was amazed and so grateful for Gina (although she said it was all me). I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone and into a world of limitless possibilities. I am a successful and confident entrepreneur. The work Gina does at the Miami Hypnosis Center is amazing and I look forward to going back for more inner discoveries.Jessica Alvarez

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